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All trainings (basic skills and professional competency trainings) cover the following material:


  • What is gender and how do we come by it? (The social construction of gender)

  • What's the difference between sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation?

  • Language / terminology / definitions (including what are pejorative, derogatory and inappropriate terms)

  • Subtle and not-so-subtle ways that LGBTQ-GNC* people face oppression and impediment in daily life; how transphobia intersects with other forms of oppression

  • Elevated risk factors for LGBTQ-GNC people

  • Intersections of gender with sexuality, race, class, and other facets of identity

  • Considerations for making safe space in professional helping relationships and situations – best practices and skills, including:


  • The importance of proper pronoun use, and correct use of non-binary or unconventional pronouns

  • Ways to demonstrate that you're a safe and competent person so that someone can come out to you

  • What kinds of things are ok to ask and when, and how to make an environment that is respectful of LGBTQ-GNC people's privacy needs


*LGBTQ-GNC = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Gender Non-Conforming


There are two kinds of basic skills trainings – Gender-Spectrum Competency 101 and Gender and Sexuality Competency 101 – and both can range from 2-4 hours, depending on your needs, available training time, and foundational knowledge.

We provide training, sensitivity building, and skill-building on LGBTQ and gender-spectrum competence for helping professionals, educators, businesses, religious communities, and other organizations.  


We offer a variety of training options, including basic skills trainings and professional competency trainings which include a focus on your specific context.

Basic Skills Trainings
Professional Competency Trainings

Professional competency trainings are 4-8 hours long and include specific information and skill-building relevant to you and your specific business or discipline. A four hour training will focus mostly on basic skills and include some discipline-specific information and skill-building. Longer trainings will include more focused and detailed guidance and exercises around how to make your specific environment LGBTQ-competent.


For more about the professional competency trainings we offer, click here. Professional competency trainings can also focus in a more in-depth way on gender-spectrum competence, or can cover LGBTQ competence more comprehensively.  


We can also train on a range of other topics, including trauma-informed care, harm reduction, and direct communication. If you're interested, ask us for specifics.  


There are many factors and symbols that make your space and your business or practice safe and affirming and respectful. We'll help you see those pieces, and what their implications are for LGBTQ-GNC people. We'll make recommendations, including helping you update your environment, forms, procedures and promotional materials.

We work with a wide range of businesses and organizations, and can customize our recommendations to help you meet your goals and mission. Whether you need a quick one hour check-in with us, or a 6-month period of growth and information-gathering, we will help you reach the highest level of competence and customer service.


We can consult in-person, or via phone or Skype.  

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